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There are almost no words to describe Deadmau5 live at the Palladium.  Incredible. Mind-blowing. One-of-a-kind. Insanity.  The show this Sunday was sold-out & once the show started, it was completely clear why.  This wasn’t even a show or a performance… it was a once-in-a-lifetime multimedia experience engineered by Joel himself.  Started with sets by Zedd as well as Tommy Lee & DJ Aero, even with a surprise performance of Warp 1.9 by the Bloody Beetroots straight from England!  A look inside the cube showed just a little of what the mastermind was dealing with during the show.

The most incredible part was when Joel’s friend Adam brought out the Moog Theremin while sporting a white ghost ensemble and began to play it alongside Deadmau5 during his transition to ‘Ghosts ‘n Stuff’.  I wish everyone watching this spectacular duet would have known what was actually going on and how incredible it really was.

The theremin is almost unique among musical instruments in that it is played without physical contact. The musician stands in front of the instrument and moves his or her hands in the proximity of two metal antennas. The distance from one antenna determines frequency (pitch), and the distance from the other controls amplitude (volume). Most frequently, the right hand controls the pitch and the left controls the volume, although some performers reverse this arrangement. Some low-cost theremins use a conventional, knob operated volume control and have only the pitch antenna. While commonly called antennas, they are not used for receiving or broadcasting radio frequency, but act as plates in a capacitor.

As well as a few stellar performances by Sofi, Joel even got on stage with her and did a little dance for the crowd before running back up to his cube to continue the show.  The graphics on the four cubes (one huge cube that Mau5 was in as well as one above and one to each side) looked like they were actually compressing and rotating to the beat of the music.

There are so many that go to see Mau5 but there are few that actually know what goes into his shows, or should even call it a performance.  He isn’t just playing CD’s, spinning records, he truly is orchestrating his own symphony; from his bass line’s that make your feet rumble, to every kick that makes your heart jolt.  His 5sound’5 are so clean and untouchable, he is truly a sound engineering God.  Deadmau5 is our generation’s Mozart, Beetles or Beethoven. Our generation’s Einstein.


Here’s some incredible new tunes for you this week. Enjoy!

Let’s Go (Bart B More ‘Lesssgo’ Remix) – Dem Slackers [download]
Change (TKO Moombahton Remix) – Peace Treaty [download]
Loving You (Twin Pack Remix) – STFU & Leony [download]
Eyes – Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill [download]
Que Que Feat. Maluca (Torro Torro Remix) – Dillon Francis & Diplo [download]
Blackout (Shinichi Osawa Remix) – The Whip [download]





We felt as if we were at Miami Music Week resulting from the magnitude and talent at this show. Van Toth, Deth Hertz & Sandro Silva opened for Funkagenda, Chris Lake & Laidback Luke. What a spectacular Memorial Day weekend it was! Funkagenda surprised the crowd with some pop song samples and the incredible Chris Lake blew them away! The biggest track we heard him drop was a remix of Lady Gaga‘s ‘Edge of Glory’ which, rumor has it, is going to be released alongside the release of the single. Since the Beatport beach party in Miami, more specifically when Chris Lake threw down incredibly hard, we could never forget his ability to get the energy through the roof. Yet again, with an amazing set filled with a few tracks we had never heard before, we were blown away. It was a non stop barrage of Chris Lake remixes that got the packed crowd dancing & sweating up a storm. Peaking the moment was Laidback Luke coming onto stage. Near the end of his set was like a firework show finale including System of a Down and his own Sundown remixes.  The energy from the crowd was incredible. We have never seen that many people that were just there because of their love for the music, dancing their hearts away with not a care in the world. Nights like these are why we love the music and the EDM world growing relentlessly here in San Diego.

Turbulence (Sidney Samson remix) – Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke ft. Lil’ Jon
Mortal Comeback – Laidback Luke
Sleepwalker – Chris Lake
Secrets in the Dark – Chris Lake
Splinter – Funkagenda
Black Chrome (Vandal remix) Deth Hertz Edit – Circuit Freq


We love us some funky, disco tunes at all times of the day, here are some of our favs.  Get down, get groovy & enjoy your day!

Tom’s Diner (DNA Remix) – DNA feat. Suzanne Vega
Walking on a dream (Go Go Bizkitts Summer Falcon Jam!) – Empire of the Sun
I Want You Back vs. Starry Eye – Hulk Mash
Safari Disco Club (BeatauCue remix) – Yelle
Don’t Hurt Love – Steed Lord
Bring On The Night (Rocco Remix) – Cloudkickers
Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix) – LCD Soundsystem
So Much Love To Give (White Label) – Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon


Here are some dope tunes to get you by today—a few new kSquared favs. Enjoy!

Marble Anthem – Marble Players [MP3]
VCR (Four Tet Remix) – The XX [MP3]
Mitsubishi – The Subs [MP3]
Playground – Marble Players [MP3]
Dangerous feat. Dhany (David Giraldo Remix) – Damian William [MP3]
Nicki 3-6 House Mafia Bells – Diplo [MP3]
Colossus – Thomas Bangalter [MP3]
Your Nasty – Ducksauce [MP3]
Splinter (Original Club Mix) – Funkagenda [MP3]


Photo Credit: Bobby Reyes

San Diego has been bringing in some amazing talent as of late—with Wolfgang Gartner, Dada Life, Umek, Zedd, Morgan Page, Style of Eye to name a few… and that is just this month!  This last Thursday Eventvibe brought Sander van Doorn, who is currently ranked #12 in DJMAG’s poll for 2010, to Fluxx Nightclub in San Diego he showed the crowd why is is one of the top ranked DJ’s in the world.

The night opened with up-and-coming talents Jason Ross and Cowboy Mike warming the crowd up with progressive trance sets to get ready for the mixed set by Sander filled with not only trance but electro and dubstep mixed in as well.  Sander brought a similar style to Armin van Buuren at Ultra which we have coined as “Electrance” and seems to be the direction trance is headed in at this point.  With big smiles and big baselines, Sander sure knew how to excite the San Diego crowd.

Check out the amazing photos shot by San Diego photographer Bobby Reyes here.


From the parade of guys in banana suits during Rifat Ziadeh’ set at Voyeur in San Diego, the sold out crowd knew this was a show they were glad to not miss.  The eccentric duo, Dada Life, brought Champagne balloons, stacks of bananas surrounding the DJ booth, and an amazing set—per usual.

Here is a rough track list from their set including almost all ridiculous bangers:
Happy Hands Happy Feet – Dada Life [beatport]
Cookies With a Smile – Dada Life [beatport]
Coming Home (Dirty South Remix) – P. Diddy [beatport]
Unleash the Fucking Dada – Dada Life [beatport]
Replica – Afrojack [beatport]
Turbulance – Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke [beatport]
Awooga – Calvin Harris
Fight Club is Closed – Dada Life [beatport]
Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix) [beatport]
White Nose/Red Meat (Encore) [beatport]

Before the encore, Stefan began to pack up his headphones and CD’s, but thankfully came out with an encore of White Noise/Red Meat and the crowd went wild…. until some idiot threw his hat towards the DJ booth which landed on the CDJ’s and stopped the track.  Thankfully the Swedish house-electro duo got the track back on and finished the set with a duo-Dada crowd surf.  Unfortunately for those not there, it was another night not to be missed.

Dada Life destroyed Voyeur, both epic in music & trashed.  See the damage here.