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There are almost no words to describe Deadmau5 live at the Palladium.  Incredible. Mind-blowing. One-of-a-kind. Insanity.  The show this Sunday was sold-out & once the show started, it was completely clear why.  This wasn’t even a show or a performance… it was a once-in-a-lifetime multimedia experience engineered by Joel himself.  Started with sets by Zedd as well as Tommy Lee & DJ Aero, even with a surprise performance of Warp 1.9 by the Bloody Beetroots straight from England!  A look inside the cube showed just a little of what the mastermind was dealing with during the show.

The most incredible part was when Joel’s friend Adam brought out the Moog Theremin while sporting a white ghost ensemble and began to play it alongside Deadmau5 during his transition to ‘Ghosts ‘n Stuff’.  I wish everyone watching this spectacular duet would have known what was actually going on and how incredible it really was.

The theremin is almost unique among musical instruments in that it is played without physical contact. The musician stands in front of the instrument and moves his or her hands in the proximity of two metal antennas. The distance from one antenna determines frequency (pitch), and the distance from the other controls amplitude (volume). Most frequently, the right hand controls the pitch and the left controls the volume, although some performers reverse this arrangement. Some low-cost theremins use a conventional, knob operated volume control and have only the pitch antenna. While commonly called antennas, they are not used for receiving or broadcasting radio frequency, but act as plates in a capacitor.

As well as a few stellar performances by Sofi, Joel even got on stage with her and did a little dance for the crowd before running back up to his cube to continue the show.  The graphics on the four cubes (one huge cube that Mau5 was in as well as one above and one to each side) looked like they were actually compressing and rotating to the beat of the music.

There are so many that go to see Mau5 but there are few that actually know what goes into his shows, or should even call it a performance.  He isn’t just playing CD’s, spinning records, he truly is orchestrating his own symphony; from his bass line’s that make your feet rumble, to every kick that makes your heart jolt.  His 5sound’5 are so clean and untouchable, he is truly a sound engineering God.  Deadmau5 is our generation’s Mozart, Beetles or Beethoven. Our generation’s Einstein.


L.E.D. Presents Ravehouse at the Wavehouse! from mac nguyen on Vimeo.

Ready to kick your Summer off right? San Diego sure has quite the  epic line up for everyone; between Intervention at the Hard Rock, and the infamous Wavehouse (aka Ravehouse) in Pacific Beach.  For the past two years now San Diego is truly taking  ‘Sunday Funday’ to a whole new level.  Between the two companies of LED and Eventvibe, San Diego is getting to see huge International/World Wide talent that compete with all the hot spots in the World.

Last year definitely set the tone, and has created much attention and anticipation for another great summer.  Deadmau5, Chuckie, Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, Bad Boy Bill, Kaskade, Wolfgang Gartner are just a few of the names that were throwing down at the best pool and beach parties last year in SD, and this year sure will not be a disappointment.

Intervention kicks off this Sunday, and they are starting with a legend in the game of Dance music.  Paul Oakenfold has been touted as one of the world’s leading DJ/remixers by various outlets including CNN, Rolling Stone, BPM, Remix and more.  He is a 2x Grammy nominee who has been performing around the world since the late 80’s.  If you are new to the Dance scene, you truly don’t want to miss Mister Oakenfold, he truly is a godfather in the house music movement and will go down in the record books.

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego – Intervention 2010 from DJhere Productions on Vimeo.

Sunshine is in the forecast and the bikinis will be out, the bars will be open and Bobby Reyes will be running around to capture it all, so make sure you’re looking your best and get ready to kick off the summer season!

/// Sean Thomas

It’s during tragedies such as the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan that can bring a nation or the world together—the same way music can unite nations.  Seeing that Joel Zimmerman (otherwise known as Deadmau5) posted on his Facebook Fan Page that he will be auctioning off his Diamonte Mau5head and donating the proceeds towards aiding the disaster in Japan made me truly respect him as an amazing individual.  I can’t even express my appreciation and respect for this gesture from Joel.  Stay tuned for the details and let us know what your thoughts are of this act of generosity!  View the eBay listing here. Hats off to you Joel