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We have to thank our awesome fan Charles, from Toronto, for sending us this amazing tune ‘Polyphony’ we had never heard!  Always love new music, and it is much appreciated to hear what YOU guys are in love with right now!  Check it out and let us know what you think

Cristangelo – Polyphony (Alternative Mix) [YouTube]
Adam K & JELORoom Mates [Beatport]
Mord FustangMilky Way [Beatport]
Vodge Diper – Let’s Go Dutch [YouTube]


Scope the preview of Afrojack‘s new (amazing of course) track featuring Quintino entitled ‘Selecta!’ which we are already in love with. Selecta! is available exclusively on Beatport here.

We’re still waiting for the much anticipated track featuring DJ R3hab – Prutataa that you can only preview on Afrojack TV (for now) here. [mp3 download]


From the parade of guys in banana suits during Rifat Ziadeh’ set at Voyeur in San Diego, the sold out crowd knew this was a show they were glad to not miss.  The eccentric duo, Dada Life, brought Champagne balloons, stacks of bananas surrounding the DJ booth, and an amazing set—per usual.

Here is a rough track list from their set including almost all ridiculous bangers:
Happy Hands Happy Feet – Dada Life [beatport]
Cookies With a Smile – Dada Life [beatport]
Coming Home (Dirty South Remix) – P. Diddy [beatport]
Unleash the Fucking Dada – Dada Life [beatport]
Replica – Afrojack [beatport]
Turbulance – Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke [beatport]
Awooga – Calvin Harris
Fight Club is Closed – Dada Life [beatport]
Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix) [beatport]
White Nose/Red Meat (Encore) [beatport]

Before the encore, Stefan began to pack up his headphones and CD’s, but thankfully came out with an encore of White Noise/Red Meat and the crowd went wild…. until some idiot threw his hat towards the DJ booth which landed on the CDJ’s and stopped the track.  Thankfully the Swedish house-electro duo got the track back on and finished the set with a duo-Dada crowd surf.  Unfortunately for those not there, it was another night not to be missed.

Dada Life destroyed Voyeur, both epic in music & trashed.  See the damage here.


Get it while it’s HOT! Kaskade just released this mash up, “Coming Home at 4 AM (Kaskade Mash Up)” which we are dying over!  After seeing Diddy surprise the crowd at Ultra last week with a performance of ‘Coming Home’, we can’t get enough of every artists take of this track.  The vocals are eerily orgasmic to the ears.

Download the new track here.


Calvin Harris is releasing his newest track, Awooga Monday and it is massive! It’s a little different from his last few singles like Flashback and You Used To Hold Me. This is a straight-up club banger destined for summer nights in Ibiza.

For those wondering where Awooga came from, the origins lie in an old sci-fi series by the name of Red Dwarf and was picked up by Kriss Akabusi and notably John Fashnu on his stint as Gladiators presenter here in Britain, which placed into the mainstream during the 90s. [via Urban Dictionary]

Keeping with the 90s theme is the actual song, which definitely has some inspiration from the 90s house/rave scene. Let us know if you’re liking the new direction from Calvin Harris

Video made up of footage from my Australian tour…
p.s It’s not technically product placement if they don’t pay you…! What can i say i love Patron and Berocca…and Akai made my first sampler! Akai S950 what u know about that?! I had no idea they made TVs.!!
Also, thanks to everyone who came to the shows + went off! If you’re in this video – thank you! See u again soon xx

Exclusively available on March 21st, 2011

He will be performing locally in Los Angeles at Beyond Wonderland this Saturday, Mar. 19 at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino.  There are no other upcoming headlining tour dates released yet.